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Umbrella - New wave

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From Paris, New York and Milan we travel in Fashion. Nouvelle Vague transports us into the glamor of the 50s. Tailors, leather goods, headwear and umbrella.

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Lenght CM27
Diameter CM98
Weight350 gr
Opening systemAutomatic

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The umbrella Melody in the rain:

Fashion has always been and will always be relevant. Although this varies depending on the period, Pierre Vaux wanted to remember the fashion of the 50s, and designed a special umbrella for this purpose.

This fashion umbrella is composed of a really original canvas recalling the shopping and fashion product design in the 50s. This canvas is made of 100% Polyester and has a steel mat and an ingenious Futec mechanism that allows the Umbrella to open and close with the help of a slight pressure on the button. This fashion umbrella has a soft touch handle that is pleasant to take a hand, as well as a system of 8 whales.
All of these elements make this music note umbrella a windproof umbrella. (Resists the wind.)
This umbrella has been created for women, and like all our folding umbrellas, this umbrella mode comes with a protective cover so that once folded it does not get damaged in your purse or in your bag.
Delivery is offered throughout Metropolitan France.

Fashion umbrella, 8 whales, automatic opening and closing, folding umbrella, comfortable handle, small size.

Variant :
-Currently we do not offer this umbrella in a long model, however if we see that we have a lot of demand for, we will remedy this.

Pierre Vaux:
French manufacturer of umbrellas and umbrellas exercising for nearly 100 years. If you want to know more you can click on our about page.
You can now, if you want to know the next trends, follow the Pierre Vaux home on Facebook as well as on Instagram.

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